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Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou, huaxia hotel is a subordinate enterprise of Guangdong Tourism Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is a boutique business comprehensive hotel. Standing on the Bank of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, it is located in the center of Haizhu Square, a cultural and financial CBD. Shopping and entertainment are convenient and fast. The hotel is located at the intersection of various transportation networks, and the intersection of Metro Line 2 and line 6 is very close. The main entrance of the hotel is equipped with a through bus to and from Hong Kong and Macao, which is a place where business travelers gather.
The 39 storey hotel has comfortable rooms, apartments and more than 20000 square meters of high-grade office buildings. The newly launched hotel rooms are designed with Lingnan charm and modern aesthetics. The spacious and comfortable space creates a new model of elegant residence for the residents. Among them, the guest room design of the window bathtub can embrace the winding afterglow of the Pearl River and the beautiful city scenery. Lying in a comfortable bed, looking at xiaomanyao and sleeping on the river, it's very enjoyable.
The 4.2-meter-high Conference Center has Lingnan style and pillar free design with a total area of 360 square meters. It is equipped with LED large screen, advanced audio-visual equipment, intelligent lighting system and modern communication equipment. Three small conference rooms and a multi-functional conference room, with an area of 42 square meters to 100 square meters. No matter 30-400 people of all types of meetings or grand banquet, professional meeting planner will arrange every detail for you.
Taoyuan western restaurant is located on the 39th floor of the hotel, overlooking the panoramic view of the Pearl River. The environment is beautiful and comfortable. The fashionable and elegant western design style skillfully integrates Chinese elements and is full of elegant and pleasant atmosphere. It can provide special buffet and European cuisine, enjoy delicious food and overlook the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River
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FAQs when booking at Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou
  • How far is the hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport?

    Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou is 29.5km from the airport.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou?

    Each costs cny90 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Landmark Canton, Guangzhou?

    The room prices is from cny568, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • savagexing
    Mingshi room is acceptable
  • ritapon
    The location is very good. It's next to the Pearl River. You can see the night scene. The transportation is also very convenient. You can get off the subway and cross the road. It's also very convenient to go to Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. Because you check in on New Year's Eve, the hotel is also very close after watching the flower market. It's very good
  • E03081876
    Convenient transportation, good hotel environment, clean and hygienic.
  • gongdinggui
    It's geographical location, that's all
  • songful8
    The room is very nice and comfortable.
  • liyuping_83
    The room is good, the floor is well arranged, and you can see the river view. It's great!
  • Bill0821
    The hotel rooms are small and the facilities are old. If it's not close to the subway, I shouldn't stay next time
  • bobodumpling
    Guangzhou Huaxia hotel has a good location and high grade. We stayed for 2 days and felt good. Good hotel.
  • e00053583
    The hotel is located in the city center with convenient transportation. The through bus goes directly to the hotel.
  • julian98
    The price of the hotel is high, the facilities are old, the area is very small, and the location is good
  • e00621175
    Superior geographical environment, convenient transportation, elegant hotel environment
  • bowen008
    The hotel is by the river. The environment and location are very good. It's convenient to eat and go shopping. It's very comfortable.
  • gavin0509
    I like this hotel, the location is good, the morning tea is also very good
  • littlera
    The hotel is in the center of the city, but it is very quiet. There are many tourists. There is a seafood restaurant next to it. It tastes good.
    The hotel has a good location and convenient transportation. In particular, there are direct buses to Hong Kong and Macao. The only price is slightly higher
  • inacici
    not bad
  • ss168
    It's convenient to have more small restaurants.
  • fdlingling
    The hotel is good, but the room is a little small. It's close to Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Pearl River night tour Tianzi wharf and Shamian. Overall, it's not bad
  • wnelson
    Old hotel, okay ~
  • bo628
    Good location, very convenient place
  • docfeifei
    The location of the hotel is very good. You can see the Pearl River and it is convenient to travel from the exit of the subway station. The facilities are old, the decoration is old, and the sound insulation is very poor. I don't think it's cost-effective.
  • papayacf
    Good location, good scenery, lots of food and entertainment around
  • Elisabella
    By the river, the environment is good and the service is good! The hotel buffet is good. You can enjoy the night view of the Pearl River! I'll live again next time.
  • xiyi0530
    I have lived many times before. I booked a suite for the first time and found that it has improved a lot after the new decoration. Very cost-effective.
  • bigglans
    The facilities are old, the service is good, and the surrounding business environment is also very good.
  • baocen0205
    In addition to charging for parking (52 yuan for two nights, not much), all aspects are good. The location is very close to Beijing Road, and there is a night tour of the Pearl River at the door.
    The location is good. It's near Haizhu Square. The hotel facilities are OK. It's not old. It's an average of 4 stars. Set a high-rise river view room, you can see a good river view at night, small Manyao can also see
  • lululub
    The environment is good
  • luigi37
    Hotel location is good, you can see the scenery along the river, downstairs there is a bus station to Hong Kong, round-trip as long as 170 yuan; Good service. There's Daoxiang on the second floor. I can have morning tea. I've had several meals in Daoxiang. The service is good and the price is reasonable. I can get a 60% discount for a prepaid card. It's very cost-effective! Daoxiang's egg powder is delicious! And scallion cake!
  • A Little Dream
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. And there is Daoxiang restaurant downstairs, which is convenient to eat. I'll check in next time.
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance
  • max.yu
    Convenient traffic
  • alanals
    Good location, next to the Pearl River, good scenery. Hongxing seafood is delicious and expensive. The room is very old.
  • db0509
    The hotel has superior location, convenient transportation, quiet in noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The hotel rooms are very clean, the layout is very warm, the bedding is very comfortable, there are all the necessary, the waiter is very friendly, will check in next time.
  • e00113154
    Sanitation is OK! The room size is OK! It's just that there are fewer electric sockets!
  • laurelxm
    Hotel location is very good, convenient transportation, near the Pearl River and Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, very suitable for boat night tour of the Pearl River and Beijing Road shopping. Considering the short stay in the hotel, I didn't think much about the comfort of the house. OK. The most unpleasant thing was that when we settled the account, we said that the cap of the drinking water bottle in one of the rooms we lived in had twisted and asked us to pay 45 yuan for a bottle of water. Our colleagues all said that they had not moved, but the hotel rounds said that they had moved, which would easily cause disputes. I was in a hurry, so I had to 'eat dead cats'. I hope the hotel can improve.
  • royal041
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's near the Pearl River. It's a river view room. You can see the night view of the Pearl River. It's good
  • cnvigor
    Convenient location, clean and quiet room
  • boolof
    Beautiful environment, good sanitation. The scenery along the Pearl River is even better
  • dwwuxi
    Book for a friend. He chose it himself. It's good
  • carriefang
    You have to pay the parking fee when you park in a hotel. It's too much to want
  • fmerry
    The scenery is really good. The bed is narrow
  • supperTT
    The hotel is characterized by good location and convenient transportation. It is more than 10 minutes' walk from Beijing Road and close to the Tianzi wharf of the Pearl River. You can see the river view in the hotel room, but the old hotel has old facilities, the shower nozzle is not easy to use, the room is small, and everything else is OK.
  • sisixm
    Clean and sanitary, good location, convenient travel, very quiet ', there are many places to eat
  • ritule
    The location of the hotel is very good. I chose the river view room. The scenery outside the window is very beautiful. It's also 20-30 minutes' walk from Beijing road. The facilities are useless, but the room service makes me a little confused. On the first day of my stay, I bought a pair of new shoes and put all the bills in the box. When I came back, I found that Aunt Bao Jie recycled the box and called to ask for it before returning it to me. And I was surprised to find that my aunt put the bag I used to hold clothes on the garbage can as a garbage bag... On the second day of my stay, when I checked out, I put a bottle of fresh cream (more than three hundred points) on the top of the TV cabinet, which was very conspicuous, but later I called and asked the manager on duty to say that the guest room did not find it.
  • fjy811130
    There are two hotels above and below the 11th floor. After entering the special room, I found a curly hair in front of the TV
  • liudm1964
    Old hotel, convenient, sanitary, the most unacceptable is the aisle, two star level! Pearl River night tour is convenient, 480 yuan no morning room, not worth it!
  • m00942254
    just so so
  • laoan
    not bad
  • luxuan1984
    Good geographical location, convenient transportation, clean and tidy.
  • Tony0001
    Convenient traffic
  • bbt7521
    Required for business trip
  • e02152145
    It's OK. It's not very cost-effective in general business hotels.
  • albur
    The location is good, the hotel facilities are also good, there is no comment that it is very old. The traffic is very good. It takes 2 minutes to get out of the subway station, and the bus to Hong Kong and Macao is at the door
  • tutuPrincess
    The surrounding environment is OK. It's not far from Beijing road. The room is on the 37th floor. The river scenery is very good. The 39th floor is a buffet. The price is not very expensive. You eat very full. The second floor is morning tea, which is very convenient
  • syf8110
    It's very cost-effective
  • bowieruan
  • ginsengcn
    The environment is good, the service is OK, but it's a little old
  • luyide
    This price, Guangzhou Pearl River side, very good! Very good, very good!
    Nice hotel
  • gracegr
    To tell the truth, in fact, the hotel is very ordinary, but because there are buses to Hong Kong and Macao every day, it is quite good for people going to Hong Kong and Macao
  • catmos19
    This is an old state-owned hotel. It's not in a good location! However, the socket is not multi-purpose, to borrow a mop. And many of the sockets in the corner are not electrified, causing inconvenience in use. The service awareness of service staff needs to be improved.
  • wenwl2011
    Good. You can come again
  • easyue
    The bathroom floor drain is blocked and my friend forgets to turn off the water. The responsibility for the carpet soaking in the room lies entirely with the guests. The hotel unilaterally denies its responsibility. The service manager said that this was the case before, but he didn't give the customers any hints. There was a problem in the hotel management. Hope to improve. The customer has to bear the responsibility, and the hotel also has to bear the responsibility. After all, the blocked waterway is also one of the reasons. There was a guest who had the same situation before but didn't pay attention to the problem afterwards and didn't remind the customer to be alert.
  • lanxieyang
    The room is small and the bathroom is too crowded.
  • lilly0426
    Good location! The service was OK
  • liudongsun
    The service was very good. I felt that the hotel facilities were a little old. Generally speaking, they were very good
  • lianxuxu
    Although upgraded, there is a problem with the room design
  • lilimy
    The location is clean
  • Laura.sun
    It's a great second time
  • nnncage
    The hotel is very clean and the service attitude is very good. I will choose to stay there next time
  • ELLE8008
    It can only be said that it is an ordinary hotel. The bed is small and uncomfortable, and the cost performance is not high.
  • passing
    The location of the hotel is very good, just beside the Pearl River, with a good view
  • sc0204
    The location is OK. You can see the Pearl River. It's convenient to go in and out, and it's convenient to eat around. It's just that the bed is not comfortable enough.
  • friting
    The room is clean and the traffic is convenient
  • Tammy only only
  • fengpeijuan