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Guangzhou's Landmark Canton Hotel is situated in Haizhu Square on the banks of the Pearl River,  just a two-minute walk from Metro Line 2. This Guangzhou hotel's guestrooms and offices are all equipped with in-house movies,  satellite TV and free broadband Internet connections. The hotel's restaurant consists of 17 dining rooms serving an array of Western and Cantonese dishes.

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住客评论 1959条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • e01863226
    Good service
  • e01583496
    A very good environment, suitable for Pearl River night cruise
  • laurelxm
    Location is good and convenient, near Pearl River and the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, perfect for a boat cruise on the Pearl River and Beijing Road shopping. taking into account the stay in the hotel for a short time, there is no comfort for more housing, all right. Most suffers from the settlement, said we lived in one room of the water bottle cap and twist, and want us to pay a water 45 Yuan, we the people say no, hotel rounds really impressed, which can easily lead to disputes, IHurry, they have to 'eat the dead cat', in the hope of improving.
  • bobo2783
    Location is good and convenient, but because of the hotel for a long time, even the new renovated rooms, some details still feels old. overall pretty good ~ ~
  • neroli82
    This hotel is well recommended, and will come again in the future!
  • DwxlD
    Each time you travel in Guangzhou are the hotel, convenient
  • anmoyan
    To book this hotel again, fair prices too expensive, but no way, the hotel location, regardless of the playing Board to the fair grounds is also very convenient
  • e00020688
    The location is very good, close to the Metro Line 2 line where convenient. are friends, and credit price a good deal ... next time will choose. doorway to express bus for Hong Kong and Macao, Beijing Road shopping is convenient, too.
  • lj608
    Location was perfect very close to Metro Line 2 line where easy living has a beautiful Suite River view room is slightly around old nice meal service was good the only thing is that if only 12 points to leave the two o'clock in the afternoon would have been more humane
  • m00072334
    Convenient, river view at night is beautiful, but no bathing and other recreational facilities
  • narcissus_lala
    Great location, convenient peripheral, ideal for business trips, close to Metro, the transportation is very convenient. hotel services is also very good, and went to Hong Kong and Macao car. recommended
  • cj1988624
    Environmental facilities were old, others are pretty good! recommended
  • e02063313
    Staying in Typhoon wind in Rainbow showers, beauty Cao Liya hospitality at the front desk was very warm. hotel is well located, close to Beijing Road, nestled haizhu bridge, code near the head, eating shopping and leisure environment is very comfortable, highly recommended.
  • luciali987
    All right
  • iambluesea1976
    Window at night is really beautiful, hotel is very romantic, but rooms are a little outdated, particularly bathroom installation bathtubs don't like!
  • eatbobo
    Riverview is very good, standard four-star
  • vivifly12
    Very convenient location, directly from Hong Kong over bus arrived, time from Hong Kong to Guangzhou was selected this, good!
  • nice_girl
    A very good environment, good health, it is a bit expensive, no breakfast, parking to pay parking fees, but not cheap
  • e04958693
    Number of rooms at the travel, convenient
  • musicer
    In General, a penny a goods, of course, can't resort.
  • FarrellFan
    Nice, the service was good, and time
  • e01490140
    Hotel is very old, Guangzhou mosquitoes a lot. houses don't even have a destroyer, were harassed by mosquitoes and is uncomfortable all night, hair dryer and also easy to use, no-star hotel standards, not confused by the lobby
  • wmjason
    location is great, staff is friendly it is slight pricy but considering the location and room, its is ok.
  • D00416459
    Good good good good good good good good good good good
  • wangwang137
    Hotel more carefully at 12 o'clock in the evening to go up at the door handle, you must have room to go up, this makes people feel safe. is open for a long time, the facility is old, if not to work or ride the through train to Hong Kong and Macao here on the priority choice
  • Aviljiao
    Great location ... and will come again.
  • tengsong
    It's OK
  • FridayXi
  • b135265b
    Very good hotel very good, in Pearl River, and the traffic is very convenient, very close to the Metro station, is also very convenient to eat.
  • lawrence12
    In the Riverside senior viewing room, room size, critical view is great, I can still see small waists
  • annylyly
    Very good
  • dailing19860529
    Traffic around mature
  • bubupig
    At night in the room the night view of the river is beautiful, rooms good, OK health. is close to the Metro station, walk along the river is very good, near the food slightly expensive, overall very satisfied.
  • flyaaway
  • e01338999
    Too old, feeling a five-star hotel room facilities there is no Samsung is good, too shabby
  • e00152152
    Infrastructure and the environment are very good, but front desk service efficiency is very low, it may be a process problem.
  • cutemimi
    Breakfast is terrible.
  • leo188129370
    Free upgrade to superior River view room
  • annelise
    Parking is so expensive, such a large hotel parking by hourly rates should not.
  • Blue Xiang Xiang
    Location is good, directly from airport sat Metro, haizhu square station out, walk is near on to has. hotel on in Pearl River side, but Riverview is General, nothing can see of. most main is Hotel downstairs is Hong Kong and Macao bus station (roundtrip are in here), to Hong Kong Macau without reversing, directly to port, had is to this only live of this hotel, does is convenient. hotel opened time is long has, so facilities compared old, can understanding.
  • Daisyyyx8027
    Haizhu square metro station f export right go, highest of that building is, hotel facilities old, hotel door to left go has a seafood city heard good, but didn't consumption, again extended River go is days code head, boat with tour is convenient, terminal opposite junction straight go is Beijing Road Street, Terminal again straight go also has several hotel feel also good of, has interest can to asked asked price believes 480 of not to
  • e00055494
    Hotel looked nice, and around convenience. beds are too small, large bed feel like single bed. a little damp mould mildew smell in the room, probably South
  • lily81511
    Location is very convenient, close to the subway. night tour of Pearl River is also very convenient, is the room was a bit small, the facility is a bit old ... but the price is moderate.
  • lilly20
    Subway Line 2 on line, whether it is coming from the airport or station is very convenient. doorway to express bus for Hong Kong and Macao. beside the East River seafood also bars. go to Beijing Road shopping is convenient, too.
  • joeline210
    Hotel location is very good, but each room is too old
    Each time you come to Guangzhou, were this good
  • peijianxu
    Hotel General, each fair and we customer continuous staying five years, each at least two between, this times four between staying eight late, since think is good of customer. customer communication very difficult, staying during rental 11 floor room half, was said two o'clock in the afternoon to night six o'clock, results customer from Shenzhen came traffic so to delay one hours, after times with Commerce yellow Mr communication accommodation about, eventually are not after allows, anyway plead are to added received a hours 300,But not La! Hotel gives the feeling without any human touch ... ... ... ...
    Hotel location, regardless of the playing Board to the fair grounds is also very convenient
  • bingjun
    Old hotel, good and convenient.
  • mumulet
    Well, that's good.