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Amsterdam: raising taxes on travel again to control the number of visitors

Date: 2020-01-14

Amsterdam on the basis of the existing tourism taxation and launched a new tourist accommodation tax plan, which contains vacation rental.

Amsterdam to the 3 euro per night and extra costs, and a 7% tax on per room, also to P2P accommodation website users a night at a rate of 10% tax.

This is the Amsterdam authorities recently for the control of visitors to take action.Last year, the Dutch tourism and exhibition committee according to the report, due to the sustainable development of tourism, will begin to "destination management", "destination marketing" no longer.

Its 2030 outlook for the forecast said the Dutch tourists will increase by 50% over the next 10 years, from 2018 in 18 million growth in 2030 to about 29 million people.

Report said: "we said 'growth' is not necessarily a good thing, also is not necessarily all the growth of the destination.In order to control traffic, we must take action now.Now is a destination management need, rather than promotion."

European travel association (ETOA) reported that the European region tourism tax increases, 28 only nine of the eu member states not to impose a tax, and most of the Nordic countries, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Sweden and the UK.

Europe is the most popular with tourists countries France, Spain and Italy, and the three countries made the travel tax levy standard.

ETOA policy director Tim Fairhurst said: "the wise tax policies are needed for effective governance, especially in the local, which requires a thorough discussion and research.Cities need money to ensure that the infrastructure and services can bring happy to local communities and tourists experience.Policy if implemented properly, can be seen as a tourist tax support innovation and sustainable destination management plan;Otherwise, they will give the impression is as long as the money, not tourists."

In 2017, the citizens of Amsterdam for the increasing number of visitors of staged protests, in order to solve the problems of the local residents' attention, Amsterdam authorities plan to improve travel taxes in 2018, per room per night up to 10 euros (about 78 yuan).Over the years, in response to travel too, the government adopted a stop hotel development and encourage tourists travel to the outskirts of activities, and later introduced a tax plan, the plan would limit tourists "red light district" activity over the weekend.

In 2019, in order to ensure the city livable environment, Amsterdam and put forward a series of new solutions, may, by the city council to discuss, the authorities may have begun to ban on vacation rental business.Reality, Booking and other home stay facility services for the local community has brought about many problems, so much so that some residents have to move out of their homes, authorities hope to reduce the number of such platform rental housing, and the building a vacation rental permits reduced number of days to 30 days per year.Amsterdam also hope since the beginning of the year compulsory B&B hotel in the city to apply for business licenses, but the quantity is limited, and is valid for five years, and new proposal request, only people who live the house can run B&B class hotel.

In the same year in August, Amsterdam and new way, to luxury business, attracting high-end tourists, the tourists will visit meaningful scenic spots, tourist spending is relatively high, living time will be longer, and this kind of visitors will see the problems behind the scene, pay attention to the connection with the local environment and culture.

In terms of excessive tourism, the world's cities are also done.Venice to day trip back and forth on the day of the tourists to collect the tickets, overnight visitors to levy a tax on hotel, according to the tourist season, the hotel will tax standard and passenger age and geographical position, the revenues will be used to pay city maintenance costs.Peru for tourists visiting the incan ruins of machu picchu in advance ticket, and specifies in time.Iceland also formulated the passenger distribution plan, launch activities to guide visitors to explore less popular attractions.