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The first Chinese self-built proprietary modern hotel 'white swan' can also fly again?

Date: 2018-08-20

Reform, inspired the vitality of the market;The process of open, open to the world.Big shining pearl river.Of reform and opening-up endeavor in guangdong province, by the spirit of innovation, form the mechanism of market competition vitality, have produced a batch of standing before others, the pioneer of tide, to foster a batch of enterprises and entrepreneurs with a consciousness of market, the international eye.

Stand a new era, open new journey.Those who once led countless "first", has created the innumerable market players are "first", in the face of new market competition new development challenges, how to realize the breakthrough self transcendence, restart it again?

On the occasion of the 40 years of reform and opening-up, nanfang daily launched "market forces - 40 years of reform and opening-up entrepreneurs show" all media reported series.Please follow the southern daily reporters, entered the market, into the enterprise, and entrepreneurs face to face, listen to those stirring historical echoes and surging in the future.

They flocked to guangzhou sand surface, in August.Stand the white swan hotel on the island, is that many Chinese and foreign tourists choose hotel, there is famous "hometown of water", has just named Michelin restaurant, there are still many people relish the history.

As the reform and opening-up, the first by a Chinese self-built proprietary large-scale modernization of the hotel, the white swan hotel is the first modern hotel management, hit a lot of "first" : the first four door open open to the hotels, the first full implementation of computerized management of the hotel, the first in China to use a credit card settlement of the hotel, the first regularly sent abroad study training hotel...

Built for 35 years, the white swan hotel after wind and rain, there are ups and downs, still standing in the domestic first-line brand hotel.Recently, in an interview with southern daily reporter, the white swan hotel, chief operating officer zhang tian said confidently, with wings of modern management and the Internet, this only a historical stories of "white swan" over the future will also be high, fly away.